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Corporate Culture

We emphasize cooperation based on partnership principles among ourselves and with respect to our customers. We support open communication and create transparency on this behalf. The employees of LUTZ & GRUB AG are working in a self-responsible way and with a clear relation towards teamwork.

Appreciation and mutual trust is indispensable on this behalf. Thus we’re creating long-term competencies and continuity. 60% of LUTZ & GRUB AG’s employees are with the company for more than 5 years.

Employee Participation by means of Company Shares

In 2000 LUTZ & GRUB AG has been transferred from a GmbH (close corporation) into an incorporated company. The reason for doing so was the aimed participation of the employees. Today approximately 7 per cent of the company shares are owned by the employees and the employee participation model has been acknowledged to great extent. Employees of LUTZ & GRUB AG can purchase company shares every year or convert percentages of their salaries.