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25 years LUTZ & GRUB AG

On February 15, 2021, we celebrated 25 years of LUTZ & GRUB AG. The occasion to present a few important milestones of our company here:


February 15. Lutz & Grub GmbH is founded in Karlsruhe by Reinhard Lutz and Martin Grub as a training company for subsidized continuing education. The founders have management experience in this field and specialize in IT topics and flexible offers for academics. The goal is to bring a fresh and innovative touch to the otherwise relatively stagnant offerings in the market for subsidized continuing education. In addition, the offerings are to be attractive to corporate customers from the outset through a high degree of specialization and an above-average standard.

LUTZ & GRUB GmbH gets off to a flying start. The success prompts the company founders to open a branch office in Nuremberg in 1998. The young company is also proving to be competitive at this location.

The emerging Internet boom and the “new market” on the German stock exchange write their own laws. Against the background of a strongly employee-oriented, cultural focus and the simultaneous shortage of skilled workers caused by the new market, the founders decide on a system of active employee participation in the company’s values via the form of a stock corporation. To this day, LUTZ & GRUB AG is a stock corporation supported by the founders and the employees.

In addition to the subsidized training measures, LUTZ & GRUB AG is able to acquire some well-known customers in the business field of company training and corporate development. During this time, the development of the company is in the direction of management consulting for organizational consulting and executive development. In the division of subsidized further education, personnel developers are trained. Technology has not been neglected, because the founders had the foresighted thought that IT-supported systems will increasingly influence our human behavior and information technology will become the determining factor for the future. IT-enabled employee feedback systems, online collaboration software, and even an early version of Microsoft Teams are becoming the focus of activities. The collapse of the Internet boom after 2000 brings LUTZ & GRUB AG a large number of training courses for software developers (male and female), who have to realign themselves in the job market.

Start of cooperation with the German Association for Project Management and the offer of certification courses for project managers (certified project management specialist). Opening of the branch office in Heilbronn.

LUTZ & GRUB AG weathered the crisis in subsidized continuing education caused by the consequences of the restructuring of the social welfare systems (Hartz I-IV) very well by focusing on corporate customers. The first contacts with corporate customers were established, who were happy to use the IT know-how of LUTZ & GRUB AG for their IT services. The approaches to organizational consulting are dropped again and the company concentrates on the subject area of information technology.

LUTZ & GRUB AG continues to expand its corporate business: Training on server technologies, consulting and services on IT security and technical migrations find their permanent place in the portfolio. Top-level experience with corporate clients is now systematically incorporated into the portfolio of sponsored training courses. LUTZ & GRUB AG introduces a living quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Functions and processes are clearly described and thus provide orientation in the procedures.

Database Specialist, Embedded Systems Specialist, IT Security Specialist (MCSA, MCSE), Java Enterprise Business Developer, Network Administrator and Office Professional are now the names of the services offered by LUTZ & GRUB AG. The corporate customer business develops steadily and continuously.

With the Certified Application Developer .NET 2.0 C#, LUTZ & GRUB AG launches a newly emerging qualification as a subsidized training measure for the first time in Germany.

Economic crisis! Sales to corporate customers collapse. Subsidized training booms due to government intervention measures for the economic crisis: short-time work and qualification of short-term job-seekers moved into the spotlight. LUTZ & GRUB AG presents its best operating result to date with annual sales of € 3.4 million and 34 employees.

The Ministry of Labor declares the economic crisis over: government support measures are abruptly withdrawn. Corporate customers are reluctant to commission projects and end the innovation backlog. During this interim phase, LUTZ & GRUB AG also suffers. The slump in sales requires cost-cutting measures, the company shrinks back to health and ultimately emerges from the crisis stronger than before.

LUTZ & GRUB AG starts permanent IT services in the production environment of major customers in the automotive industry. The experience exchange CIO.Meeting with IT managers is founded. The labor market reforms are softened somewhat and long-term educational offers are possible again: this year the first retraining courses for IT specialists and IT technicians begin.

Individual coaching for managers as a form of subsidized education is added to the portfolio. LUTZ & GRUB AG has reached the turnover and number of employees from 2009 again.

Expansion of the company’s own data center. All participants of LUTZ & GRUB AG in all branches access virtual environments of the in-house data center. This enables our participants to practice very practically with virtual machines in their network environments.

Opening of the branch office in Stuttgart. In its external presentation, LUTZ & GRUB AG separates the two business areas of subsidized further education and corporate customer projects into LG-ACADEMY and LG-IT-SERVICES. Both areas benefit very much from each other: in times of shortage of skilled workers, the educational offers of LG-ACADEMY work for LG-IT-SERVICES and the know-how from IT-SERVICES flows directly into the educational offers of LG-ACADEMY.

Move to the new company headquarters in Karlsruhe Neureut. Lutz & Grub AG now has more than 70 employees. A middle management level becomes necessary. The focus is on customer orientation, consolidation, quality assurance and company culture.

Start of the Corona Crisis. The LUTZ & GRUB AG Academy goes smoothly into online teaching mode on March 16, 2020. The company survives the lockdown well and has 80 employees now.

The founders Reinhard Lutz and Martin Grub hand over their majority shares to LUTZ & GRUB Holding GmbH. Tobias Rohrbach becomes the new member of the Management Board. The Supervisory Board consists of Alexander Eck, Dr. Hauke Thilow and Dr. Thomas Tillman. Alexander Eck becomes Chairman.