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Maintenance IT-Services

IT services at the interface to maintenance

Maintenance support where IT starts!

Modern industrial production is based on networked systems. Industrial robots are controlled via client-server environments. We support maintenance with essential IT services in order to implement IT-supported industrial production in a fail-safe manner: in server operation, in the visualization of systems and in the replacement and maintenance of production PCs. With our services, we are always available (24/7) and can intervene at any time in the event of malfunctions.

Service Point – Break & Fix · Store Management

We maintain a 24/7 service point at our customers’ premises. This involves incurring malfunctions and their elimination as IT support, receiving repair orders and issuing new equipment

  • Break & Fix, fault clearance and restoring the function of end devices, establishing network connections for client end devices, dismantling of network connections in case of failure.
    / uninstallation of devices, documentation from device clusters according to the underlying service level
  • Operation of service point, replacement/uninstallation/loan of devices
  • Store management, warehousing, procurement of new devices and spare parts
Installation and commissioning of devices

We prepare devices for production, install the respective current software versions and make them secure against attacks from the network using special software. This also includes the commissioning of end devices from device clusters.

Move · Add · Change · Delete

our service also includes (according to the underlying service level):

  • Move, the relocation of end devices from device clusters
  • Add, the upgrade and expansion of existing end devices from device clusters
  • Change, the replacement of existing end devices from device clusters
  • Delete, the dismantling, secure data deletion and handover for scrapping of end devices from device clusters