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Shopfloor IT-Management

Shopfloor IT management with ondeso

LUTZ & GRUB IT-Services · system partner of ondeso

Lutz & Grub AG IT Services is a system partner of ondeso and therefore authorized to distribute the software, advise ondeso customers, administer ondeso software and provide training.

ondeso SR

ondeso SR is the central platform for store floor IT management:

  • active component management
  • Inventory of all existing components
  • Central information system
  • Data backup of the systems
  • Fine-granular patch management
  • Software distribution and update management
  • Automation of configuration specifications

ondeso SR

The digital toolbox for maintenance 4.0
ondeso SR provides both the options for distributing, installing and maintaining software as well as operating system updates and patches. It is also possible to configure the managed systems via automated tasks. In the process, the system can be set up fully automatically according to your requirements, right up to production readiness. During operation, downtimes are documented by job tracking, supplemented by automatic and manual entries, so that you can always keep an eye on the KPIs that are relevant for you.