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ADS security management

ADS security management and performance boost

The “ADS security management and performance boost” package from LUTZ & GRUB AG under Windows Server ADS is based on several modules.

You receive comprehensible process flows and structured workflows, which result in a significant increase in productivity with a simultaneous increase in the security level.

Increase in business value

This way, you increase your business value quickly and in the long term:

  • IT budget savings through reduction of administrative efforts
  • Dynamic, scalable IT infrastructure with future-oriented development options
  • Transparency in IT processes with potential adaptation to ITIL
  • Increased quality in customer service management through clear process flows
  • Centralization of IT management
  • Increase of security levels for the entire resource management
  • Maximum automation of IT processes based on a structured ADS infrastructure
  • Business continuity (failure safety)


As part of your IT project planning, you can receive individual consulting services from LUTZ & GRUB AG at any time, tailored to your current needs.