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AD-Services Screening Check

Efficient and clear

We perform a compact check and evaluation of your Active Directory environment and dependent services in the run-up to planned infrastructure changes or for functional testing of the status quo.

As a result, we present you with an expertise on technical or design anomalies with evaluations. Based on this, we recommend preventive measures for consolidation and optimization.

The scope of the checks depends on your needs and the complexity of the infrastructure.

The screening check provides you with a functional efficiency improvement. This allows you to safely guide the development of your ADS infrastructure.

Our services

  • Recording of the existing domain infrastructure with functional checks using checklists, script-based queries and interviews
  • Preparation of an expertise on the status quo of ADDS and provision of an action catalog
  • Documentation of the acquisition data
  • Consulting and recommendations for resulting configuration work

The Active Directory checkpoints

  • DNS configuration status
  • Operation master /GC configuration
  • Replication topology of ADS and Sysvol
  • Group policy status related to GPO concept
  • Analysis and assessment of events and logs
  • ADS backup and restore
  • Basic security checks – patch management
  • further checks, depending on the design and template of the existing infrastructure