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Your email is read by strangers!

Imagine sending a highly confidential email with a sensitive attachment that only a certain group of people should read.

The next day, you are shocked to discover that unauthorized persons have access to your data from the e-mail, including the attachments!

You have already done everything:

  • File encryption, e.g. with EFS – Encrypting File System or similar.
  • NTFS access security settings in the Access Control List
  • E-mail encryption with S/MIME or TLS protocol (transmission)
  • IPSec in the network infrastructure for encryption (transmission)
  • Bitlocker FP encryption, Bitlocker to go for mobile hardware
  • HTTPS connections (HTTPS over RPC) for remote users / customers
  • SSTP VPN dial-up (PPP/L2TP through an SSL 3.0 tunnel)
  • Direct Access
  • Server and client side authentication with certificates
  • Access control to USB ports / removable media

Read here why Rights Management Services (RMS) offers a solution to the problem:

Rights Management Services