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IT Support

IT-Support for people and systems

LUTZ & GRUB AG is the right place for you if you are looking for support in IT operations:

  • communicative IT support for people in the office environment, including Office 365 support
  • specialized IT support for machines in the industrial environment
  • own training center for support staff
  • IT support remote or off-shore

On-Site IT Factory Support

On-Site-IT-Support 24/7

LUTZ & GRUB AG IT Services leisten IT-Support in größeren industriellen Umgebungen im Dreischichtbetrieb rund um die Uhr. Wir sind auf die in der Industrie eingesetzten Technologien spezialisiert und warten ihre Produktionssysteme, Server und Maschinen-Clients ausfallsicher.

Security in production

Machines and devices have different network security requirements than comparatively PC clients. That is why we work with security features that meet these requirements: more information.

On-site IT support in the MS Office environment

LUTZ & GRUB AG supports companies in ongoing operations according to ITIL in 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support with a qualified service/help desk.


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Remote IT service center in Karlsruhe

LUTZ & GRUB AG maintains a Remote IT Service Center at its headquarters in Karlsruhe. Here, telephone inquiries and e-mails are answered according to existing service level agreements. These services include 1st level support and 2nd level support depending on the agreement.

Billing by ticket

On your request, we also bill by ticket, i.e. only according to the service provided. A monthly base price already includes the first tickets. After that, we only charge per ticket processed. This offer is particularly suitable for companies whose ticket volume is moderate or who do not want to set up their own service desk.

Outsourced service desk

Remote IT service is the support of your company and your users by an outsourced service desk of LG-IT-SERVICES. With this service model we guarantee a legally compliant service implementation.

More time for your core business

With an outsourced remote IT service, we intercept the incidents and service requests of your employees, solve them according to their individual service level, or forward requests to you under defined criteria.

SLA service level agreement

Using our checklist, we work with you to develop and define individual service level agreements.

Download the latest Remote Support brochure here.