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Global employee training for major car manufacturer off to a good start

Production facilities that have grown naturally over the years are being made fit for future tasks.

At the turn of the year 2020/2021, in competition with a globally active IT service provider, we took on the task of rolling out ondeso’s software online in production facilities of a major car manufacturer, spread across the entire globe, providing training and support. This software offers production and manufacturing companies the opportunity to record and manage their OT systems in a fully comprehensive, process-oriented and cross-manufacturer manner, while identifying risks in good time and averting imminent dangers.

(Image courtesy of Daimler AG)
The training courses for employees from the plants in South Africa, Poland and Hungary have now been completed. Next up are the training sessions for East Asia, which will be held at night due to the time difference.

In Germany, the rollout will be carried out by our own teams on site.