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LUTZ & GRUB AG under new management

After more than 25 years of joint management, the founders and board members Reinhard Lutz and Martin Grub are placing the company’s fate in younger hands. As of 01.01.2022, LUTZ & GRUB Holding GmbH has taken over the majority shares of Lutz & Grub AG. Behind this holding is an experienced team of entrepreneurs in the education and IT sector:
Alexander Eck, Dr. Hauke Thilow and Tobias Rohrbach, the latter of whom will take over operational management as a member of the board of Lutz & Grub Aktiengesellschaft.

The new owners bring with them many years of experience from various companies in the information technology and further education sectors and can provide valuable synergy effects for Lutz & Grub AG within the framework of their associated companies. They will lead the Lutz & Grub AG, which has now grown to 80 employees and has a sales volume of approx. 5.5 million euros, into the future in the same style and with the same culture, with a focus on growth.

For our customers, the direct contact persons will not change. The company name will also remain the same. Reinhard Lutz and Martin Grub are taking their well-deserved retirement after more than a quarter of a century.